What We're Doing

On August 21st of this year we will be launching a high altitude balloon to document and record the first total solar eclipse in the contiguous United States since 1979. To capture this rare event our payload will be taking still images as well as recording high definition and 360-degree video. We will also be live streaming our ascent as part of NASA’s Eclipse Ballooning Project.

Who We Are

The South Side Hackerspace is a collection of nerds, makers, hackers, artists, students, teachers, and other creative people. We meet in Chicago’s Bridgeport neighborhood, where we teach, learn, and make. Our mission is two-fold:

  • 1) Act as a community space that enables making.
  • 2) Be advocates for self-starters and open collaboration.
At the beginning of this year the members of South Side Hackerspace were approached by local high altitude balloon enthusiasts, the Remote Astronaut Club, about joining forces to participate in the NASA Eclipse Ballooning Project. By coming together we will be launching the biggest balloon and heaviest payload anyone on the team has launched.

How You Can Help

Our crowdfunding campaign is live! You can check it out here to learn more about our project and to view our backer rewards. Any contribution, big or small, is greatly appreciated. If you are unable to contribute monetarily, please share our campaign with other advocates for education, exploration, and science!
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What We've Been Up To

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